Today, very appropriately, the word prompt in the #Five Minute Friday Group is: Peace.


Such a rare find.

Peace of heart and soul and mind.

Peace in families, in communities, in countries, in the world.

I am a military mama, so as you can imagine Peace is being hard fought for on so many levels just now, both at home and abroad.

I did not want to be a military mama. I married a veteran and naively thought that he had left the army behind him, not knowing it would always be there in him in the form of PTSD, flashbacks and inner turmoil. So I definitely did not want my son to go down that same road.

Yet here I am a military mama with a declaration of war made and my son already away.


Where is peace in this?

Heartbreak, tears, anxiety, worries yes these are all mine, but what about peace?

Well peace is hard fought for both globally and internally.

I am reminded of this verse

You will keep him in perfect peace,

Whose mind is stayed on You,

Because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 26:3

So today, my eyes are on the Lord, I will battle to keep my heart and mind set on Him, because I do trust Him, He is the Lord and nothing gets past Him.

They say peace is a person, peace is Jesus. He is my peace today, my mind is fixed on Him today.

13 thoughts on “Peace”

  1. Fiona, we know PTSD quite well. You’re in our prayers.

    A place no-one should ever go,
    the sword -hand in the iron glove,
    the place that you will always know
    when it’s someone that you love.
    The place of hell’s bright sulphur flame
    the place where monsters roam,
    the place where something with no name
    will follow you back home
    and perch upon the mantel-piece,
    invisible but seen by all
    from Tumbledown to Sparta’s Greece,
    by those who took the call
    to roil forever in the mind,
    and scar the love ’twas left behind.

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  2. Fiona, standing with you as you keep your eyes on Him, as you keep looking to Him as the Prince of Peace, and the One who gives what goes beyond our mind’s understanding and all the what-ifs.

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