Week 1 – Sitting; Day 5 – Waiting

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His Word I put my hope. I wait for the Lord more than the watchmen wait for the morning; more than the watchmen wait for the morning.

Psalm 130:5-6

So Matilda waits. By now she must feel the flutterings of the heartbeats of her tiny chicks in their shells. She has hope within her waiting, not long now and her patient endurance will have paid off and the chicks will hatch.

What about us, do we have hope in our waiting? Do we have those little flutterings of hope, little glimpses of God’s promises, little glimpses of what He can do?

Is our hope in His word, is it straining within us, so that it is with our whole being that we are waiting?

Do we know that our hope placed in His Word, will not disappoint?

So let us strain forward, let us look to His Word, let us place our hope in His faithful love towards us and turn our waiting into hopeful waiting.

Lord, I wait for You this day, I place my hope in You, give me a joyful, hopeful waiting time. Amen.

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