Being Intentional

How often do I come to the conclusion that I need to be more disciplined in my prayer life?  I mean to spend more time in prayer, I mean to write prayer lists and actually spend the time praying for people and situations, but alas another day goes by, another week comes around and still I have not done it!

Yes, I have my “quiet time” every morning, yes I am disciplined and intentional about it, but after a busy day I have more or less forgotten what I was reading and meditating on in the morning!  I NEED, and I mean NEED to seek God also in the evening.  If I plan in time to watch a favourite TV program then I can find time to be intentional with God.  It is more than just sitting and unwinding and vaguely thinking spiritual thoughts, it is more than just trying to recall what I have read in the morning. It is so much more, it is being intentional, it is setting aside time and seeking God in prayer.

When i do it, I do find it useful to go back over what I have read and written in the morning and even to weigh my day against that, but it needs to be regular, it needs to be specific, it needs to be intentional!

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