I have been reading through some of the Psalms and one of the things that strikes me is the self-encouragement the psalmist gives to himself! (Talks to himself often too!)

When he is discouraged, disappointed, depressed, full of doubts and uncertainties then what does he do? How does he find hope and encouragement ?

He looks to the Lord.

He remembers who God is and what He has done in the past.

He sings! He gives praise and thanksgiving, which lifts him out of his current state to looking to the Lord and encourages him to have hope.

He feeds his hope, by looking, remembering and praising .  His hope is active, he is turning away from the doubts, disappointments, accusations and uncertainties . He is actively doing things to encourage his hope.

so next time my soul is cast down within me, this is what I must do:-






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