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I am joining with the #Five Minute Friday group of writers to write for 5 minutes on the Word prompt: Drive.

Drive = A drive is a very strong need or desire in human beings that makes them act in particular ways. … If you say that someone has drive, you mean they¬†have energy and determination. (Collins English Dictionary)

In the bible the Israelites were to drive out those already living in the promised land; they were to drive out all worship of foreign gods and we see how Jesus drove out demons.

There is a force, a might, a power, an action, a determination to see it through.

So what do I need to drive out of my life today?

Do I need to drive out lukewarmness? Grumbling? An ungrateful spirit? Cares and worries of the world?

Do I need to be determined and take the action required to drive out prayerlessness and unbelief?

Lord, show me where I need drive in my life right now. Amen.

7 thoughts on “Drive”

  1. God drove out dire infection
    with mirac’lous cure,
    but pardon interjection,
    for I’m not so very sure
    He couldn’t drive out cancer, too,
    while He was on the job,
    just get it done ‘fore He was through,
    and not (respectfully) fob
    the whole thing right back off on me
    to deal with day by day…
    or do I show myself to be
    the prize fool in this play,
    and that cancer’s cure is not belated,
    just takes more time; it’s complicated!

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