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Joining today with the #Five Minute Friday Group of writers, who write together on a one word prompt for 5 minutes. Today’s prompt is: Worth.

How do we determine how much something is worth? For example, what is it that makes something worth spending time and money on?

Is there always a cost in worth? Like something worth waiting for, or investing in something or someone? Do we deem something/someone more worthy, the more it actually costs us, the more we invest in it?

I am thinking about Jesus and how much He invested of Himself into our Salvation. It wasn’t just a passing glance, nor a casual committment, no it cost Him His life! That then must mean that for Him I am worth it, for Him I am worth the pain, the cost, the death. That is a wow! Really? I am worth that much to Him? That is actually quite mind-boggling! I don’t have that much of a high self-esteem and the fact that someone could love me that much, when I’m not even that loveable, is totally amazing.!

To Jesus I am worth it!

Thank You Jesus!

6 thoughts on “Worth”

  1. Sometimes I just stop and stare
    away into the sky;
    how could God have so much care
    that He’d come down to die
    for me, for you, for everyone,
    and even though He’d rise,
    dying is just not so fun;
    I’ve tried it on for size.
    That He’d choose to go through this,
    not write us off as lost,
    consigned to history’s cold abyss…
    could we be worth the cost?
    What, now, might the world be made
    if we live up to the price He paid?

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