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For those who follow my blog, you know that I like Seasons, Routines and Rhythms, so I am glad that we are now half-way through August; the school session is starting again and with that more routines, activities, studies etc.

I do believe that we need the Rhythms of Rest and I am thankful that the Summer time brings that, but I am also glad when we get back to a form of routine. This year especially with the last of the Pandemic Restrictions being lifted there is the sense of possibilities! Possibilities of face-to-face meetings; possibilities of spreading wings; of connecting; of re-connecting; possibilities of God doing new things and not just going back to the way things used to be!

I’m thankful for the break, for time to breathe, the time to reflect & question ways ahead and thankful that we can hold those questions from one season till the next without needing answers, but going with the pointers God provides along the way.

For Everything There Is a Season

and A Time

For every Purpose Under Heaven

Ecclesiates 3:1

Monday Musings – Seasons

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I can’t believe where the time and the seasons have gone this year, dark mornings mean that we have already moved the clocks back one hour! Wow!

Perhaps it is because of the Covid 19 Lockdowns & Restrictions that time has passed without it being marked by the usual meetings, arrangements, holidays, trips, visits , birthday occasions etc., yet seasons still come and still go whether we are prepared or aware of them or not.

But now that we are here, last week in October, just about to enter our darkest months I am brought up short and think ok, winter just about upon us – what now? How do I prepare for this?

There are things I do ofcourse about the house and garden, I prepare, I get ready, I take action. I put away light summer clothes, I pull out the big warm jumpers and jackets, I get in a supply of logs, I get the candles out, I prepare hearty stews and soups. In the garden/poly tunnel I dig up the last of the vegetables, I turn over the ground, but I don’t just prepare it to lie dormant, I actually feed it with organic matter so that it is quietly, silently being prepared for fruitfulness next year.

So what am I going to do spiritually to feed my soul, how am I preparing for this dark, dormant season so that I am ready and prepared for the next season of fruitfulness?

I have listened to a couple of podcasts recently where the speakers have spoken of seasonal goals & plans, I have never really done this, but on mulling these things over I see the benefits so that I don’t just drift along, stagnate, lose my joy or focus. I don’t yet have written out goals or plans, but I am thinking about it.

The questions I am asking to formulate those goals are:

  • What am I going to study in the Bible – what book do I want to get into, read through, write out?
  • How am I going to cultivate the practice of praise?
  • What books am I going to read – not just novels, but doctrinal, teaching, spiritual, devotional books – should I do research and compile a list?
  • What about church life – what sphere of service should I be growing?
  • What about family life & marriage – how am I going to grow the fruits of the Spirit in family relationships?

I don’t yet have an answer to those questions and it may be enough just to pose them, but I would like to take them further and think of at least one thing for each question.

What about you? Not just how are you going to survive the winter, but how are you going to thrive?