I have missed a few weeks, but happy to be joining today again with the #Five Minute Friday community of writers where we write for five minutes on a one-word prompt and today’s word is: Slow.

The reason I wanted to jump back in here when I saw the prompt is that I would so love to share with you the book I am currently (slowly) going through: “Growing Slow” by Jennifer Dukes Lee.

Jennifer compares the seasons on the farm with the seasons of our life and how each season has its time of slow. She poses reflection questions at the end of each chapter which make us pause and reflect on what we have just read. It is such a timely book as we emerge from Lockdowns not to rush back into our previous hectic pace of life.

I won’t say anymore about it, it just so resonates with me, and perhaps one of the reasons I haven’t posted anything for a while is because I am growing slow, waiting, reflecting, pausing.



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Joining with the #Five Minute Friday group of writers where we write for 5 minutes on a one-word prompt. Today’s prompt is: Pressure

I have been trying to get my head round the idea of ‘re-entering’ life after a year of Lockdowns. I am reluctant to re-enter, there are many reasons why, but primarily it is because of Pressure.

I am not looking forward to having pressure in my life again. Time pressures to be in a certain place, by a certain time – getting out to work on time!!!

Pressures placed by other people, demands I feel I have to meet, family obligations, social interaction, all fill me with intrepidation . Do I have the energy for it? Am I up for it? How will I, as an Introvert, cope with all those people again?

Pressures of everyday life, juggling life and commitments – not looking forward to that, to coming out of the safety of the cocoon I have built round myself here.

Yet, I know we were made for community and I know it will all be fine and I know that I will soon get into my stride and form new routines, but that doesn’t mean to say that it will be easy or that it will take some re-adjusting.

But one thing I can build into my re-entered life is time to PAUSE.

I need to from day one, take time morning, afternoon and evening to pause and breathe and trust and praise, to take time out from the pressures and reconnect with God.

And I need to remember that His yoke is easy and His burden is light and not add undue pressures on myself.



Today’s post is written in conjunction with the #fiveminutefriday group of writers, writing on a one word prompt for five minutes. Today’s prompt is: SMILE

When I smile, I am “in the moment”, I am not worrying about other things, or thinking of the next thing to do, but I am stopping, even for a moment just to smile, just to appreciate something/someone.




Take a moment and smile.!

Stopping and smiling also makes me thankful, so it then becomes:



Give thanks!

Today, I am going to practice this, I am going to intentionally pause throughout my day, intentionally find something to smile at and give thanks for.

Will you join me?

Week 2 – Hatching & Protecting – Pause and Reflect

Take one verse from the readings from this past week.

Read it. Write it out. Pray over it.

Where this week have you seen or needed the nurturing/protecting hand of God?

  1. Have you brought & submitted your plans to the Lord, trusting that His ways are wiser, higher, better?
  2. Have you sought refuge in the Lord? Are you needing to find that safe place of shelter in Him?
  3. Are you gathering up the manna of God’s promises every single day and finding refuge in them?
  4. Have you been quick to run, quick to respond, quick to call on Him, quick to flee to Him?
  5. Are you aware and alert as to the dangers & temptations there are which would beset you? What can you do? Where will you find your protection?

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Week 1 – Sitting; Pause & Reflect

Take One Verse from the past week.

Read it. Write it out. Pray over it.

So what are you sitting on this week?

  1. Are you needing to come out from the crowd, by yourself for some much needed quiet time?
  2. Are you needing to see something through to the end? Where do you need to be intentional?
  3. Is there an area of service you need to sacrifice your own comfort for?
  4. Where in your life are you needing patience to wait for the Lord to step in? How can you encourage yourself in this time?
  5. Are you feeling the first flutters of hope? How can you fan them into a living hope whilst waiting?

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