Week 4 – Weekend Pause & Reflect – Community

Pause and Reflect:

Take a verse from the past week – Write it out. Pray About it. Apply it.

What has God been saying to you about community and relationships this week?

  1. Are there any boundaries you have been kicking against and need to step away from?
  2. How can you get involved in your local community and build relationships in it?
  3. How can we serve others with respect and humility?
  4. Are there any people/places/things which could become idols to us and which we need to let go?
  5. Are you serving, are you finishing well?


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Week 3; Learning & Growing – Pause & Reflect

Take one verse from the reading from this past week –

Read it. Write it out. Pray over it.

Let us pause and reflect on the areas we are needing to learn and grow in:

  1. Where do you need to hear Jesus’ voice to follow Him?
  2. How can we “learn of Jesus” this week and follow His example?
  3. What can we do to study deeper the Word of God?
  4. In what areas do we need to slow and take a deep drink from the waters of life?
  5. How can we be intentional in our growth, in becoming more like Jesus?

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