The Prompt word for today’s #Five Minute Friday group is: Heal. So in light of the recent shootings and sadness’s experience by my fellow writers in the USA, I have written a Lament.

The Leaves of the Tree are for the Healing of the Nation – A Lament

O Lord our God, how long?

How long before You act?

How long before Your justice

Is revealed in our nations?

How Long O Lord will our leaders remain arrogant and prideful

Filling their own pockets and bellies,

How long will they rob and steal from the poor.

Show Your mercy to the nations.

How long, O Lord, must we suffer

And hear of wars and rumours of wars.

How long must we hear of earthquakes and famines?

Before You make Yourself known to the Nations.

How long O Lord before our children are safe

At school, at college, at play and in the world?

How long must the innocent suffer?

Lord, heal the tears of our nations.

O Lord our God, we look to You,

The Man of Sorrows and the One acquainted with grief.

We make our declaration

That in You there is healing for our Nation.

A Lockdown Lament

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How long, O Lord?

How long, will this uncertainty last?

How long will these endless days persist?

How long before we see Your face again?

How long before You turn Your face from wrath?

How long before You yet again have mercy upon us?

How long before the light of Your Presence shines upon us?

How long before You turn towards us again?

How long will we persist in our arrogance?

How long will our hardness of heart continue?

How long will our sins come against You?

How long before we turn to You once again?

Surely You are a faithful God,

Surely, we will yet have cause to Praise Your Name?

Turn us O lord and we will be turned,

Turn us O Lord and be gracious to us.

Your Praise will yet be on the lips of Your people.

Your Name will yet be exalted.

Your people will yet rejoice in Your Deliverance.

We will yet sing songs to You, O Lord, our faithful God.