January Blues

Lucy Pittaway - The Sheep - January Blues

I just want to say Yay! Well done! We have made it to the end of January!

January is such a long hard month after all the build-up and busyness of December. For us here in the North it is still dark and grey and as we say in Scotland, “Dreich”. Really, really dreich!

But before we rush on into February with it’s promise of better, longer, brighter days, lets pause a minute in January. There may not be much going on, it may have been a ‘flat’ month, but at the same time, there has been the chance to pause, to think, to reflect not so much on the past year, but on this year, on it’s possibilities, a chance to make plans, to prepare. A chance to start off with good Bible Reading practices, to start new reading plans, try different methods, a chance to draw alongside the Lord and ask, ‘What now Lord?” and to wait for the whisper of His reply.

I have however also realised that during these grey, dark months in particular that it is important to feed your soul with beauty, goodness and love. So it was particularly uplifting to be privileged to be able to go to see the Nutcracker’ Ballet this weekend, the stunning scenery and costumes, the beautiful music and exquisite dance filled and restored my soul.

February is coming and whilst my heart is lifted at that prospect, at the same time, I want to sit in the peace of January, the quiet, the solitude of the month, and even sit with the feelings of sadness and heaviness, to allow myself to feel so that I can heal and be restored and strengthened.

So yes, I am happy to say goodbye to January, but I won’t rush headlong into February, but rather one day at a time find myself in that new month and hold all the ups and downs, hopes and fears before the Lord, and walk with Him, hand in His, eyes open to all He gives, looking and feeding off the beauty, goodness and love of His creation as it reveals itself in whatever format.

Where can find and incorporate beauty, goodness and love into your life right now?


How to grow and care for snowdrops | lovethegarden

I don’t know why but it has taken me to now, the first of February for me to feel that it is a new year, a new start and to feel hopeful again. Perhaps January is just such a long, dark month, and coming after a Lockdown Christmas and New Year with no let up, it just has been a bit of a slog.

I hadn’t actually realised that until now, until I suddenly feel hopeful! The days are longer, brighter; the snowdrops are out with the crocuses pushing through the snow and frost; spring it seems is not far, just round the corner and it makes me hopeful.

Also for the first time in years I am about to embark on some study!! Whilst in some ways that seems such a daunting thing, in another way it just seems so right and the next step on the journey. I woke up this morning with such a sense that I am where I am supposed to be and that in it’s self is no light thing!

So, I embark today on the next step, the next phase and I praise God, that even to old age and grey-hairs He is still with me, still sustaining, still leading and still filling with hope.

What is keeping you hopeful at this time?