Joining up with the writers of #fiveminutefriday for their weekly write up for 5 minutes on a one-word prompt.  The word today is: WELL.

The dictionary definition of well is: in a good or satisfactory manner.

People were overwhelmed with amazement.

He has done everything well,”   they said.

“He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

This is what the crowd said of Jesus  when He had placed His hands on a deaf & mute man and healed him – ‘He has done everything well’.  In other words it was good in their eyes, it was conducted in a satisfactory manner, they were pleased with the outcome.  It was also non threatening to them.

When Jesus does ‘nice’ things,  we approve, we say He has done all things well.  But what about the hard things we have to face?  What about the challenges which come our way, or the challenges Jesus places on our behaviour and beliefs?  Do we still turn round and say, ‘He has done all things well’?

I have faced a particularly tough week at work, I’m still in the middle of the mess, the outcome is not assured, there has been no resolution to the problem.  Can I say today at the end of the week, ‘He has done all things well’ or do I have reservations?  Do I want to qualify that statement with a BUT?  Or can I hand over the situation to Him, trust Him for it and in it and say, He has done all things well?

I need to be assured and reaffirm my trust that the author of creation, the redeemer of my soul does indeed do all things well, and that He does not make mistakes.

Amen so be it Lord, You do all things well.