Joining with the #fiveminutefriday group of writers again, where we write for 5 minutes on a word prompt.  This week’s prompt is: Practice.

When I heard this word, I immediately thought of ‘Practice the Presence of God’ which is a wee book by Brother Lawrence, who was a cook in a Monastery, and who used to have uninterrupted conversations with God.  It didn’t matter that he what he was doing, everything else was too trivial to interrupt his conversations with God.


Now I would love to practice that!! But life is busy, people and things clamour for my attention.  Meditation usually leads to shopping lists or to do lists!  How to practice this presence of God in the midst of everyday life?

I do love my quiet time with the Lord in the morning, but somehow by the end of the day that sweet presence has gone, lost in the midst of the day’s activities.  How to keep that sweet presence with me throughout the day?

Here are a few ideas to keep that connection going throughout the day:-


arrow prayers

serenity prayer


Simple things, repeated often keep that connection, but I have to practice them, I have to keep at them otherwise they slip and are lost in the midst of the day.

How do you practice the presence of God?