What’s in a Name?

Joining with the #fiveminutefriday group of writers, where you write for five  minutes on a word prompt.  This week’s prompt is NAME.

So what is in a name?  Why are names important?

It is because they identify us, they mark us out from other people, they individualise us.

So When God says in Isaiah 43:1

I have called you by name

It is us He is referring to.  Not someone else, not my sister, not my neighbour, but me.  He has called ME by name.  And what has He called me to do?

Not to fear.


I have redeemed you .. you are mine.

He has set His love upon me and I am His.  Me not my brother or sister, but little old me.

Because He knows MY name, He knows me and He loves me, He takes me for Himself

So what is in a name? – reassurance, love, comfort, protection, redemption by the God who made the universe, because He knows my name!