Speak, LORD, for Your Servant is Listening

This week’s FMF writing prompt is: DISTRACTION.

I am a very task-orientated person and so don’t like distractions. Let me finish what I am doing first and then I’ll sit and talk with you, let me tick off the items on my list before I sit down and be still.

So I wonder if in my task-focus whether I am missing out not only in human fellowship, but fellowship with God. I want to finish something before I listen, before I take on anything else. I want to finish my agenda before I listen to God’s. If this is so then I need to be distracted by God, I need Him to break through my task list and distract me with His Word, with His presence, with His guidance, with His command.

Then the Lord came and stood there, calling as before, “Samuel, Samuel!”

And Samuel answered,”Speak, for Your Servant is listening”.

1 SAMUEL 3:10

I need to put my lists aside, I need to be willing to listen, I need to be willing to be distracted from my own things and be distracted by the Lord and say, “Speak Lord, for I am listening.”