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I’m joining with the #Five Minute Friday group of writers today to write on their one word prompt for 5 minutes. Today’s prompt is: She

I don’t know why, but perhaps it is because I am reading through Genesis just now, but when I saw the prompt my immediate thought was of Adam saying to God “She gave me the fruit”, She made me eat it, She is to blame!!!

We all do that don’t we? Well I do anyway, I blame others, I deflect the blame away from myself, I self-justify why I have sinned, or fallen or done or said something I shouldn’t have. We don’t want to be the bad one, we don’t want to be thought of as unkind, so we justify our words and actions to make them sound acceptable.

However, there is no excuse! We have sinned, we have been unkind, said some not nice things, got angry in the heat of the moment and we need to acknowledge that, we need to hold our hands up and say, ‘that was me, I did that’ because only then can we come to God in repentance and only then can we receive His forgiveness, His grace.

So next time instead of blaming, let us acknowledge ‘it was me’ and turn to God for His grace to forgive and wipe us clean of this blame game.

17 thoughts on “She”

  1. Accountability for ones actions is something I belive in strongly too. I want our kids and myself to claim our mistakes and rebound. We are forgiven, and we can restart. I liked this simple message here! Thank you Fiona! FMF Neighbor this week, Jennifer

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  2. I’ve found way to save face and name
    and leave me free, without a care;
    I ride, without a drop of shame
    the blame-go-round that goes no-where.
    I point my finger where I will,
    and shout “You did it! Ha! Not me!”
    but the spinning makes me ill,
    and soon I lose my dignity
    (along with that which I just ate)
    for it’s too fast, I can’t keep track
    of whom I left to just which fate
    with night-stabs in the back
    on this whirligig malfeasancey
    bereft of human decency.

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  3. I’ve been kicking around thoughts about grace recently. You’re right, we tend to want to think others are deserving of what they’ve got coming to them. While we shift blame for the wrong we’ve done ourselves.

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  4. I’m old enough now that I have learned this lesson. I am seeing my children and grandchildren learning it. It doesn’t come naturally. Good post! FMF#41

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