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Joining with the #Five Minute Friday group of writers where we write for 5 minutes on a one-word prompt. Today’s prompt is: Pressure

I have been trying to get my head round the idea of ‘re-entering’ life after a year of Lockdowns. I am reluctant to re-enter, there are many reasons why, but primarily it is because of Pressure.

I am not looking forward to having pressure in my life again. Time pressures to be in a certain place, by a certain time – getting out to work on time!!!

Pressures placed by other people, demands I feel I have to meet, family obligations, social interaction, all fill me with intrepidation . Do I have the energy for it? Am I up for it? How will I, as an Introvert, cope with all those people again?

Pressures of everyday life, juggling life and commitments – not looking forward to that, to coming out of the safety of the cocoon I have built round myself here.

Yet, I know we were made for community and I know it will all be fine and I know that I will soon get into my stride and form new routines, but that doesn’t mean to say that it will be easy or that it will take some re-adjusting.

But one thing I can build into my re-entered life is time to PAUSE.

I need to from day one, take time morning, afternoon and evening to pause and breathe and trust and praise, to take time out from the pressures and reconnect with God.

And I need to remember that His yoke is easy and His burden is light and not add undue pressures on myself.

10 thoughts on “Pressure”

  1. I dream, some nights, of days long past
    when deadlines ruled my waking time,
    when much was needed, right and fast,
    to make my reputation shine.
    And then I wake, and then I know,
    that nothing’s from me now expected;
    with cancer, that’s just how things go,
    but all the same, I feel rejected
    by a life I sought to polish,
    by a name I sought to raise;
    why, O Lord, did You abolish
    the things I loved, that brought me praise?
    Was it caprice I can’t understand,
    or do You have a bigger plan?

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  2. Your solution to pressure contains life-giving advice that we all need. Pause and reflect on the Lord in His Word. It is the only way to find rest for our weary souls. I’m discovering the Lord’s peace and joy as I pause and reflect on the good, lovely and wondrous works of the Lord. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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