Today’s prompt for the #five minute friday group of writers is: Present

You know what? I am tired and weary and the best present I could get this year is a hug! I just need a hug and I so want to hug my Christian brothers and sisters.

At first I loved Lockdown Church, loved all the on-line materials, loved connecting with churches/groups in different parts of the country, but now, even for me an introvert I am tired of it all, weary of it all, I just want us to be able to meet together and to hug each other!

I did blog a few weeks ago on human connection, so I won’t go into that just now, but you can read the full blog post here:

But today, for me the best Christmas present anyone could get me is a hug!

13 thoughts on “Presents”

  1. I’m an introvert right with you on the feeling of needing more hugs! I find I’m hugging my husband a lot more, and I always hug our kids. But, I miss the hugs from friends too. I do bust out a hug anyway to some of my neighbor ladies that I walk with. I figure if we walk together and breathe together outside it’s not too risky if we’ve both been feeling well. Hugs matter for sure! I pray we can all hug more comfortably soon!
    Jennifer, FMF #6


  2. “…but now, even for me an introvert I am tired of it all, weary of it all” – this echoes my feelings exactly. I was thinking today that I can probably count the number of times I’ve been outside my house this year minus school runs. We had a few weeks of in-person church which was great but then we had a second lockdown. It is well. Sending you virtual hugs x


  3. I am not one to embrace,
    but sometimes feel a heartstring tug
    when I hear, from tear-stained face,
    “I really, really need a hug.”
    It’s not that I’m remote and cold,
    but my culture puts insistance
    which from young days were are told
    that people need to keep a distance.
    So I look, and try to see
    if nearby in shadows lurk
    one or more souls born to be
    masters of the huggy work.
    But none other shares this place,
    and I must offer arms of grace.

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  4. yes, the failure of human connection has been so hard to contend with. and being awkward when we do encounter others has been even worse! ugh. Grateful for the One who is always near.

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