Joining today with the #Five Minute Friday group of writers to write on a one word prompt. Today’s prompt is: Church.

I have to say that I have loved, loved, loved on-line church!! I have rejoiced in the way the church has risen to the challenge of putting the gospel ‘out there’, the use of technology and social media which perhaps it once shunned.

I have loved the way in our own congregation different members have taken part in our services when once it was the minister only, seeing those gifts used and brought to the front has been lovely.

However, with Covid restrictions still in place & with us not yet having ‘in-person’ services I have been more concerned and burdened recently about those adherents (church-attenders) who may have been lost and not connected to services, also locally two fellowships have disbandoned and since we are not meeting in person it is difficult to reach out a hand of fellowship and welcome them into a local congregation.

Church, local church, local fellowship and the discipline of meeting together is good, it is beneficial, it is support, it is accountability, but it is also family and keeping the family together and strong in such times is difficult. We have to pray and pray and trust that at the end of all this God will bring in those who will respond to Him, that He will raise up leaders and workers and that we would always be willing to respond with a ‘start with me Lord’ to help bring in the harvest and feed the lambs and sheep.

13 thoughts on “Church”

  1. “That we would always be willing to respond with a ‘start with me Lord’ to help bring in the harvest and feed the lambs and sheep”. Our in-person services resumed 2 weeks ago (we still have simultaneous online streaming) but understandably, members have been reluctant in coming back in their usual numbers – most now used to the comfort of worshipping from home (amongst other reasons). But as you say, “the discipline of meeting together is good and beneficial”. Your prayer point struck a chord with me!

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  2. The church is definitely ina unique time. Our church had to close the doors on it’s parochial school. Is having trouble paying our mortgage, and is having small attendance in person by reservation only. We do have online service so we tune in often from home and twice in person. We still tithe. We still feel the love of our church friends. But God willing worship will continue to survive and thrive.


  3. It’s so good we can come together
    in these hard and straitened days
    of bad moons and stormy wearther,
    and offer thanks and praise,
    but we have to put an end
    to extremes of ocial distance,
    for our faith-scaffolds bow and bend
    under the hard resistance
    that’s offered when we do not gather
    in the flesh, and face to face;
    we, its seems, would really rather
    sometimes take the TV’s grace
    and wear not heaven-crated rainment,
    but lose our souls in entertainment.

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  4. I have a feeling “online church” will become the new “hymns vs contemporary music” battle, with some strongly for and some strongly against. I say, who cares. There is room enough for both as long as the church continues to engage and be the church. Church never fit into the box we wanted to put it in, and I think this is an opportunity to learn that.

    Amie, FMF #15

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  5. Im really glad your enjoying online church. I am a member of a few facebook church groups so I get prayers and verses in my news feed daily and nightly. Im physically disabled, I have a weak ankle and foot so online church is fun and doesnt make me as exhausted as normal church. This covid situation is rough but I am soothed hearing positive remarks such as yours.


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