Today’s post is written in conjunction with the #fiveminutefriday group of writers, writing on a one word prompt for five minutes. Today’s prompt is: SMILE

When I smile, I am “in the moment”, I am not worrying about other things, or thinking of the next thing to do, but I am stopping, even for a moment just to smile, just to appreciate something/someone.




Take a moment and smile.!

Stopping and smiling also makes me thankful, so it then becomes:



Give thanks!

Today, I am going to practice this, I am going to intentionally pause throughout my day, intentionally find something to smile at and give thanks for.

Will you join me?

9 thoughts on “Smile”

  1. I’m giving thanks in dying,
    and smiling through the pain
    although there’s no denying
    that it’s an awful strain.
    Sure, it really hurts to smile,
    but then, it hurts to breathe,
    and since I’m breathing all the while
    a smile might yet deceive
    my aching tired weary heart,
    and help it perk its ears
    to play again a joyful part,
    to wipe away the tears
    and step again into life’s flow,
    even with not long to go.

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  2. I agree that sometimes we just have to be intentional about things we either take for granted or didn’t notice they stopped. This is a stressful time for many, so being intentional about smiling is no laughing matter (ok, that was shameless). It is important and I like the way you pointed that out.

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