Writing today with the #Five Minute Friday group on a one word prompt. Today’s prompt is: Normal. So just a bit of fun today:-

Normal through the eyes of a 3 & half year old Collie:

Hi, my name is Glenn and you ask me what is normal? Well, I have no idea.

When I came to this house I was brought by a big lad and a mistress. The lad was my trainer, my friend, my playmate, but after a while he left home (sad). That left just the mistress and sometimes the master, but he seemed to be here for 2 weeks and then gone for two weeks, then occasionally a young lady would come home, she would give me lots of fuss and cuddles and play with me. Then they would all go away again and it would just me and the mistress. Some days I would be left alone, other days I would go to work with her. Some days I would have to go in the car on a journey, [which I still don’t like] but yeah often those journeys were short and meant a long walk and I would often get to meet other dogs! [though not all liked to play with me].

Just now my mistress is home all the time, yeah!! The young lady is here all the time too!! Double yeah!! and the master for the past year or so has been home most of the time, going out to work in the morning and coming back in the evening, though sometimes he goes out in the evening and back in the morning!??! As for the young lad? I haven’t seen him for months, where is he?? I miss him.

So basically I have had to learn just to accept all this coming and going and going and staying! I have no idea from one day to the next who will be here or when, when I will be walked or taken out. I just keep my eye on the mistress! I follow her around, she has some consistency so where she goes I go. I know her body language now, I know by what coat she puts on whether it is a walk, or the pen for me. But importantly she knows me, she knows my body language, she knows what I need and what I want, whether that is attention, food or outside or when I am scared or unsure.

She would say that she has a Master too and that she follows Him, where He leads her she goes, and He doesn’t seem to do ‘normal’, so she has to keep her eyes on Him incase there is a change of plan or direction. Her Master is always there and He knows what she needs and provides for Her, He takes care of her and looks out for her and she can run to Him when she is scared or unsure.

There is no normal here, everyday is a new day, every day is a fresh challenge, but also the opportunity for new things and fun!!! Everyday is keeping your eyes on the Master.

13 thoughts on “Normal”

  1. These days surely do not feel normal at all as they are constantly changing. But thankfully, our God, our Master, remains the same forever. Praying for us all to keep our eyes on Him.

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  2. I wonder what my dogs would say
    if they could only talk;
    would it be, “Come on, let’s play!”
    or “Take me for a walk!”?
    Or would they sit down to debate
    the Fermi paradox,
    and Amelia Earhart’s final fate
    whilst chewing up my socks?
    Might they ponder the Great Schism
    and what had been the role
    of the Pope in this division,
    legs lifted on a pole?
    Behind their eyes, eager to please,
    is there the soul of Socrates?

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