Welcome today when I am joining with the  #FiveMinuteFriday  Group. We gather every week to freewrite for five minutes flat on a single writing prompt. This week’s prompt is: Table.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Psalm 23:5

We all know and love Psalm 23, the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want .. .. but when we pause and look at each clause there is more to it.

Verse 5 – God prepares a table for us, where/when? – in the presence of our enemies. When we are faced with temptations, when we face our inner demons, when life is tough, when others are letting us down, when we let ourselves down, when we listen to the lies of satan who is telling us that we are not up to much, that my friend is when and where God is preparing a table for us. A place to recline, a place to be fed, a place to be nourished, cherished, nurtured, refreshed.

At that table of refreshment, God feeds our souls, He wipes away our weariness and restores us to right relationship with Himself. And we rise and leave that table we are filled, cleansed, refreshed, with our cup of blessing overflowing.

So today when we are weary, when we are in need, when we are being buffeted by the trials of life, let us come to the table which God has prepared for us and allow Him to minister to us there…

God prepares a table and my cup overflows with His goodness and grace.

8 thoughts on “Table”

  1. We were much on the same page today:) Isn’t it wonderful how our cup overflows after we come to the table He has prepared??! Have a blessed weekend!

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  2. “…and allow Him to minister to us there…” that’s a new thought image. Christ ministering to us as we recline in His nurture. I mean we all know these things, but its hitting me anew now.. .filling me with the knowledge of His space in my heart. Thankyou for being His messenger. Grateful, 🌼🌷⚘

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  3. I wish that I could find the thing,
    the table said to be prepared,
    but I hear the doom-bells ring,
    and I’m lonely, and I’m scared.
    I should have been a better man
    and not slept through so much church,
    and then would have a plan
    that did not leave me in the lurch,
    for I bet on my own strength
    to carry me through dun cold hills,
    but not realising pride, at length
    is what the devil fans to kill
    the fractured heart, the gem so flawed
    that thought it might outrace God.

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