Joining today again with the Five Minute Friday Group of Writers, where we write for 5 minutes on a one word prompt. Today’s word is: Experience.

As I approach my 6th decade, I have quite a bit of life experience behind me, so I want to share with you 3 things experience has taught me.

  1. I have learnt the wisdom behind the saying “this too shall pass“. I have been in circumstances which I thought would define me for life, ways I thought my life would always be. But praise God, those things and times have passed and I have seen God redeem those very situations.
  2. I have learnt not to compare my situation, my inside with those of others’ external outside. They may seem to have it all together, they may seem to be having a far easier time than I am, but actually I don’t know. I don’t know the struggles and trials they are actually facing behind those seemingly ‘smooth’ external circumstances.
  3. And I have learnt through the ups and downs, through the trials and blessings, that God is faithful. As I have seen Him work, show up, strengthen and guide, then that encourages me and grows my faith in my God who is faithful and in control of all our situations.

And Praise Be, I have learnt that God is not finished with us yet! Another page to turn, another chapter to be written and lived.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:6

10 thoughts on “Experience”

  1. I wish I might be vouchsafed, friend,
    what happens ere this day has flown,
    but sufficeth that there is an end,
    and then that end be known.
    I wish that I might reach ahead
    to see with mine Creator’s eyes
    the goal for which we all have bled
    before another kinsman dies.
    I wish that I might stay the hand
    of the foe who’s heart’s aflame
    with hate, and help him understand
    that clans divide solely by name
    and beyond contempt for alien others,
    to the Almighty, we are brothers.

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  2. Fiona, these are wonderful insights. I am so grateful God isn’t finished with us yet. May the days ahead be blessed ones!


  3. Great exercise….to learn from our experience. I was struck with the truth that so often, in our comparison, we compare our “inside” with others’ “outside.” How silly but how true! Enjoyed your sharing with us today.


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