Week 4; Day Two – Community

God sets the lonely in families, He leads out the prisoners with singing …

Psalm 68:6

By 8 weeks we have moved Matilda & her chicks into the main hen pen. They still have their own wee ‘ark’ to stay in, but they are together in the larger pen with the other hens.

We too are placed in groups, in communities. Perhaps you may be an introvert like me and prefer solitude, but God has placed us in community for us to grow in relationships.

God is a relational God. He establishes relationships with us, He pours love into our hearts that we may love others and so that we can experience more of Him in this way.

Lord, Help me to love and interact in the community You have placed me in, that I may know You in relationship. Amen.


This is the last week of the series, ‘A Month With Mother Hen’, if you would like to go back to the introduction/contents page, please click here.

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