Week 1 – Sitting, Day 1 – Come Away

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” 

Mark 6:31

So the first thing which happened to Matilda was that she was separated out from the other hens.  She needed that space to have her own brooding box, she needed that peace and quiet away from the clucking and disturbance of the other hens.  She needed to come away by herself to a quiet, safe place.

So what about us?  Do we need to step aside from distractions for a while?  Do we need to create a quiet, safe place where we can have some head room to hear the voice of God as to next steps?

Do we need to take a step back from all the usual distractions of the daily?  Do we need to come away for a while by ourselves in order to hear the Master’s voice?

Lord, help me to put aside the distractions of the day, to come, to rest in You and to hear Your voice. Amen.


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