Joining today with the Five Minute Friday group to write on a one word prompt for 5 minutes.  Today’s prompt is: Pace.

I have learnt over the years to pace myself both mentally, spiritually and physically to enable me to get through my days and cope with life and with age my pace has also slowed considerably!

However, after our old dog died and we got our puppy I discovered that boy did I need to up my pace!!  The old girl would plod along at a considerable slowness, then the shock of having a young male, strong pup who’s pace far outstripped mine!!  I so had to up my pace in more ways than one to keep ahead of him!!

So I have learnt that whilst pacing yourself is good and having a balance is right, there can also be times when we are called upon to up our game, to up our pace, to stride out in faith and confidence.

For me it is in my writing that I have been called to up my game, learning the craft, developing skills and then having to put it out there.  It is out of my comfort zone, it calls for faith, it stretches me, it scares me, but it also calls me to up my game and up my pace.  I want to run the race/finish the course and I want to do it well.

So is there an area of your life where you have to up your game, up your pace and stride out in faith?

2 thoughts on “PACE”

  1. So true, there are times to slow down and other times when we have to up our pace! I’m glad you’ve stepped out in faith to develop and share your writing!


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