Joining up with the Five Minute Friday group today where you write for 5 minutes on a one word prompt and share.  This week’s prompt is ‘middle’.

The middle is a funny time isn’t it?  It doesn’t have the joy and expectation of the beginning nor the resolution of the end.  It is just the middle and it might be long and boring.

It might just be a time of plodding on, persevering, waiting, waiting for resolutions, waiting for something to happen, waiting for answers.

So how can we make our middles more productive?  How can we flourish in our ‘middles’?  How can we have the faith required in our middles to keep on going with hope and expectation?  And how can we have joy in the midst of our messy middles?

I have been looking at Hebrews 11:1 this week and I think that this is the answer for our middles:-

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for

The conviction of things not yet seen.

[ESV, Heb 11:1]

Faith to keep on going.  Faith to persevere.  Faith to trust.  Faith to believe and so we can have joy and peace in our middle.  Faith to see that whatever our middle is we can have the assurance that actually God is not our middle,  but He is our all – our beginning, our middle and our end.

We can trust the outcomes with Him, and we can also leave the middle processes with Him and we can walk with Him through our middles in conviction that He has our starts, our middles and our ends.


5 thoughts on “Middle”

  1. It’s so encouraging when we are in the middle of the story and don’t know where it’s going to remember that God knows and he will lead us forward if we trust him!

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  2. “Faith to believe and so we can have joy and peace in our middle.” I love it. This really is faith…that we can have joy and peace always, even when we are in the middle of nowhere. Thanks so much. Be blessed

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