Linking up today with the Five Minute Friday group, where we write on a one word prompt for five minutes.  Today’s prompt is Willing.

I am late in writing this week mainly because when I saw the prompt word ‘Willing’, it somehow just seemed too big, too deep.  Not only what was I going to write about, but what does it actually mean for me to be willing, what does that look like in my everyday life?

It conjures up pictures of sacrifice, hardship, struggle and do I really want that?  Absolutely not, give me my comfort any day!

Sacrifice for a greater good?  Well perhaps.

Sacrifice for a greater reward?  Maybe

Sacrifice because Jesus asks?  Well, I suppose so.

In recent months the area I have had to be willing is in the area of truth.  Standing up for truth and reality.  I have realised more and more not just the lies our society tells itself  and enforces on others, but also the unreality of situations it is presenting as though this was the truth and acceptable.

In my work place unreality and deception have ruled until I was willing to take the stand and say NO, actually this is not the way it should be, actually I am not going to bow down to this.  The consequences have not been as I imagined, I thought I could write a ‘happy ending’ and victory story, but that has not been the case.  Unreality completely over-ruled, and like most things truth got smudged, emotions got in the way and people got hurt.

It was hard to take that stand, but having taken it I had to see it through.  It has been hard.  Hard to keep on standing, hard to keep my reality, hard to keep my truth in the midst of the turmoil.

Am I glad I did it, even though it hasn’t turned out as I expected?  Hesitantly, yes I think I am because we are called to truth aren’t we and it is the truth that will set us free.

Would I be willing to put myself in that position again?

Yes, Lord I am willing.

Willing to stand for You, willing to stand for Your truth and Your reality.

Because really there is nothing else we can do when we are following the Master.


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