Linking up today with the Five Minute Friday group, where we write on a one word prompt for five minutes.  Today’s prompt is Take.

Take according to the dictionary = lay hold of (something) with one’s hands; reach for and hold.

So what do I take? What do I lay hold of, what do I reach for and hold?

To me it is the promises of God.

I want to reach out, I want to take hold of those promises, I want to hold them tight and not let them go.

When there are things which would come my way and distract me, shiny things begging for my attention and to be taken, I say no to laying hold of them and instead reach for the promises of God.

When doubts come and lies are whispered, ‘Did God really say ……’, then I take hold of the promises that God is good, God is faithful, God is steadfast, and that He has set His love on me.

When I feel a bit swamped by life, a bit buffeted by trials, then I reach out to the promises that God is with me, God will never fail me, that He is my rock, my refuge, my hiding place.

I reach out, I take hold of and I hold on tight.


Image result for standing on the promises of God


5 thoughts on “Take”

  1. After we “take – or accept – His gift of salvation, there really is nothing better to take…than His promises. The truths that defeat the lies and the enemy! Great post!

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