Writing again for Five Minute Friday where this week’s prompt is: Touch

I don’t always like people touching me.  I am an introvert and so guard my privacy and personal space, but even I at times need the touch of another.  The patting of an arm, the drawing into an embrace, a hug, a peck on the cheek.  Sometimes we just need that touch of empathy from a fellow human.

There are many lonely, and often elderly people within our communities who rarely experience the touch of another human.  I am often conscious of this and do try to give them some sort of touch.  Sometimes there can just be a longing for human connection.

When I think of touch in the bible I think of the lepers, whom no-one touched, no-one went near, they were the outcasts, no-one wanted to touch them.  How they must have longed for the touch of another never mind a tender, empathetic touch, just any sort of touch to remind them that they were still human, still valued, still thought of, still loved.

Then there was the woman who longed to touch Jesus, in the midst of the crowd, she just longed to reach out and touch Him and when she did, it was a healing touch, she felt it immediately reverberating through her broken body.

So for me today, yes I want to feel the touch of the Lord, yes I want to reach out and touch Him, feel Him, have my broken soul healed by Him.  But also if I am to be His hands extended in this world, then I need to reach out and literally, physically touch others, let them know that I care, let them know God cares, let them know that they are loved, valued, and that they can have the touch of the Master.




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