I am joining up with the writers of ‘Five minute Friday’ on this week’s prompt which is :- Next

I have just come off a week away on holiday, which has been a good time to relax and clear my mind.  So what is next now that we are back?  As I get back into routine and tasks, what is next, what is the next thing to be done?

Truthfully, I  am reluctant to get back on that wheel of the next meeting to attend, the next task to do, the next job to go to.

Or even to think about the next phase of my life and all the changes that could bring, or the next new thing to study and learn from God’s word, the next command to obey, the next comfort zone to leave, the next step of faith to take.

I actually just want to stay in this little time of ‘post holiday contentment’ before life takes over.  I’m not ready for the next yet.

So, as I enter into today I will try and do so slowly, not rushing, but moving from one thing to the next and as I do so I pray that the next will flow and will glorify God.

Lord, I give you my next.


1 thought on “Next”

  1. I’m glad you had a good holiday. I’ve been off work this week too and I’m not looking forward to getting back into the routine of it either. Taking time to stop rushing and seek God definitely helps though. Hope you have a lovely Easter!

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