When our dog was a puppy we trained him using rewards as an incentive.  So when he obeyed, he got one of those little puppy treats.  When he behaved, he got a reward.  He learnt through rewards.


We do this with children as well, don’t we?  We reward good behaviour with words of encouragement or treats.

Does this then spill over to my spiritual life?  Do I expect rewards from God?  If I have been ‘good’, if I have been faithful in my quiet time, in going to church, in doing good deeds, do I expect a reward?  Do I expect God to show me favour?  Do I expect an extra blessing?  Do I expect God to give me an easier life because I have been faithful and obedient?

If so, then my thinking is wrong.  My devotion, service and faithfulness to Him should all come out of a grateful heart, a heart full of love towards Him.  His grace is unmerited, His favour is freely given, His mercy is extended in grace.  I don’t deserve any of it.

He should be enough for me.  He Himself is my reward and with Him I should be eternally fulfilled and happy.


“Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.”  (Gen 15:1)



10 thoughts on “Rewards”

  1. I think there is such beauty to be discovered in places of suffering that have come from our obedience to God. It’s there the fruit of praise is truly born as we grow deep into our LORD and learn HE is our life.

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  2. It is amazing how a one word prompt can make us think a little more deeply on “rewards”. Glad to be your neighbor this morning!
    PS – Your pup is preciously patient 🙂

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  3. Your dog looks like our new puppy, Belle!

    On reward….

    “On this night we dine in hell!”
    was the Spartan king’s reply
    to the arrival of the day
    when he was marked to die.
    They fought well in that place,
    skill born of desperate valour
    and their sole reward was grace
    that rose above death’s pallor.
    Leonidas rides down through the years,
    his ghostly head held high,
    and this seems to calm my fears,
    a hero drawing nigh.
    If cancer’s my Thermopylae,
    I will, by dying, win the day.


  4. Fiona, your 5-minute post packs quite a punch! I love your words on expecting a treat from God if we are good and behave. It doesn’t work that way! Bad things do happen to good people. There is suffering in the world, even for innocent people. Grace is completely unmerited.

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