I’m not talking about the guilt we get when we do something wrong and of which we should repent, but of false guilt. We can get trapped in a cycle of this false guilt can’t we? What are the things which trap you, what do you feel guilty about?

I feel guilt when I don’t meet someone else’s expectations .

I feel guilt when I don’t match up to someone’s perceptions of me.

I feel guilt when I feel I have let someone down.

I feel guilt when I can’t do something I feel I should be able to do.

I feel guilt when I can’t protect my children from the heartaches and trials of life.

Yes, I seem to feel an awful lot of guilt!

Guilt robs me of joy,

Guilt keeps me bound in a cycle of unworthiness,

Guilt weighs me down,

Guilt drains me,

Guilt immobilises me and keep me bound in that cycle of feeling guilty, feeling I can’t do anything about it and so feel guilty about that!

Phew how exhausting all that is!

So what can I do, what can we do with all that guilt?

First of all, we need to get a right perspective of this . Have we sinned? Have we fallen short of God’s high standards? Yes absolutely, but praise Him …

There is now no condemnation for those in Christ.

So if we have confessed our sin, if we have acknowledged all aspects of it, turned from it, asked for forgiveness then there is no condemnation from Jesus and if Jesus does not condemn us, then we should not be afraid of man’s condemnation.

Sometimes we just have to let go of other people’s standards and expectations of us. It is their standards, theirs expectations and not ours, so we should not berate ourselves when we can’t match up to theirs. I have to walk my own walk humbly with my God. We can never match His standards, but Jesus can and has done so and through Jesus we are accepted and justified (just-as-if I never sinned).

No condemnation!

Now I can walk free from the guilt of having failed others, walk free from the guilt of not meeting expectations, walk free from the guilt that would entrap me and walk in the freedom of Jesus.

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