Today I am linking up with the women of Five Minute Friday. The idea is simple: Write for five minutes flat on the week’s posted topic. This week’s word prompt is : Confident

Being confident is be assured of a thing, when relating to God it is a confident trust in Him.

A quiet, confident trust which is like a deep assurance, which too ‘passes all understanding’, so that no matter the outward circumstances, no matter the appearance of a situation, there is a quiet confidence, a quiet trust in the Lord, that He is in control and He WILL work all things out.

I am in need of that quiet confidence today. I am in need of that assurance of God’s sovereignty.

Isaiah 26:3 says:

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You,

all whose thoughts are fixed on You! [NLT]

So I fix my thoughts on God, I look to Him not the situation and I have that quiet confidence, that assurance that it is well, it is well with my soul!

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3 thoughts on “Confident”

  1. Fiona, for some reason, you made me think of Julian of Norwich, and thereby inspired a bit of verse. I hope you like it.

    Or can at least tolerate it! 🙂

    In Norwich did old Julian say,
    “It’s gonna be OK!”
    but as an English nun, back in the day,
    she didn’t put it quite that way.
    She said, much more properly,
    “All manner of things will be well”,
    and that was no anomaly
    for she lived as she did tell.
    She lived in a catherdral close
    and was a source of joy
    to clergy, pilgrims, and all of those
    who her wisdom would employ.
    We rightly revere faith’s stern hard brothers,
    but let’s not forget the warm, wise mothers!

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