Today I am linking up with the women of Five Minute Friday. The idea is simple: Write for five minutes flat on the week’s posted topic. This week’s word is : Where

As I get older my “where’s” get more frequent! Where are my car keys, where’s my jacket, where is that receipt, where have I put such and such a thing, where is it?

Where has the time gone? Where are those precious moments with my children? Where has time passed me by?

However, one thing I do not ask is, ‘Where is your God?’, for I know Him. I know that He is with me, I am more sure of that today than I have ever been. I can look back and through the trials and hardships of life I can see that the Man of Sorrows has been right there with me. “Where is your God?” they may say, and I will answer, He is here, Immanuel God with us, Jesus on the Cross proves, yes demonstrates God’s love for me. Where are you God? You are there on the Cross, suffering, redeeming, saving. Where is He?, He is right here in the every day, in the messiness of life.

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