101 Things

Yes, it is that time of year again when people, myself included, have signed up for 5/10k running events and challenges, which means training time!! Groan, groan!!

Do you know the hardest part of training for me? Doing it! Actually making the time, getting prepared and just getting out there is really, really hard! There are a 101 other things I think are more important or pressing for me to do and to put them aside to go for a training run is so difficult.

It is a bit like reading your bible isn’t it? How many times have you vowed to start a new bible reading plan, or download a study or join a group or set aside a time of day, and it just never seems to happen! 101 other things get in the way. You sit down to pray and the phone rings or you suddenly remember something you were meant to have done. Always, always distractions.

Yet, as with any training, once you start it is well worthy it. It is worth putting in the effort, it is worth carving out that time to do it. Once I have been my run, had my shower and am sitting having a cup of coffee and piece of toast I feel great and glad I made the effort to go out and do it.

So too with Bible reading, it is well worth it, worth getting up early for, worth making that time, the benefits out-weigh the hardship. Being fed and refreshed in the Word of God makes the difference to your day, to your outlook, to your life.

So just do it! Just put those 101 things out of the way and do it! Get into prayer, get into Bible Reading and actually you’ll find that those one hundred and one things still get done.!

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