For this I have Jesus

Like many of you, I always find New Year a time of reflection of the past year, but my thoughts are mainly of the year ahead – what will it hold? Sometimes we know, we may have plans, things to look forward to, there may be specific events already on the calendar, but from the day-to-day we often don’t know, the unexpected comes, our plans are thwarted or what looks like a blank calendar fills up all to quickly, or maybe not, maybe it stays blank for a long time.

I am reminded of the words of Graham Kendrick’s song ‘For this I have Jesus‘ and I am comforted that no matter what happens I have Jesus. No matter the highs or lows Jesus will be there beside me and I am thankful for such reassurance. I pray that you too will know, that know matter what ‘for this we have Jesus‘ all through this next year of 2019.


For the joys and for the sorrows
The best and worst of times
For this moment, for tomorrow
For all that lies behind
Fears that crowd around me
For the failure of my plans
For the dreams of all I hope to be
The truth of what I am

For this I have Jesus
For this I have Jesus
For this I have Jesus, I have Jesus

For the tears that flow in secret
In the broken times
For the moments of elation
Or the troubled mind
For all the disappointments
Or the sting of old regrets
All my prayers and longings
That seem unanswered yet

For the weakness of my body
The burdens of each day
For the nights of doubt and worry
When sleep has fled away
Needing reassurance
And the will to start again
A steely-eyed endurance
The strength to fight and win

Graham Kendrick 

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