In the Lowly

As I read the account of Jesus’ birth in Luke chapter  2, I am struck by the simplicity of it all.

We are rushing round decorating our houses, buying presents, shopping for food,  buying outfits for our parties and yet there was Jesus in the backwater of Bethlehem, away from the hustle and bustle even of the Inn, born, wrapped in cloths and laid in a manger!  The difference is stark!

We are looking for the luxury, He came in the lowly!

For those who find our version of Christmas hard, for those sad and broken-hearted, take comfort for it was for You He came! Not in razzmatazz and glory, but in the stark and lowly.  He left His place of glory and came to the place of lowly.

For the sad, the lonely, the hurting, the broken, Jesus came.  You may not feel like celebrating Christmas, and that is okay, but You can come to Jesus, born in a manger, born in obscurity, born in simplicity,  born in starkness, born lowly.  And indeed you will be more blessed, because you don’t have to hunt for Him through all the trappings, or through our self-sufficiency, but you can find Him in the lowly, in the starkness of the reality of your life .  And  be assured He will find you and reach down to you in that lowly place!

So whatever our Christmas may look like, may it look like us being glad we have a Saviour, one who chose to come from the holy and chose to come to the lowly and in our self-sufficiency not forget our need of Him.   God bless you and yours.

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