Centering on Jesus

Sometimes life just seems full-on, you just complete one thing, get one thing out the way and something else comes in to demand your attention.  You pass over one hurdle, only to find the next is higher.  For me, it is the emotional energy these things require which I find draining and as I get older it seems to take me longer to recover from these things.

I am in more need now to recharge and to do so more frequently.  It is not just a case of relaxing, but more of re-centering of getting my serenity back, of centering myself on Jesus.  Only He is able to carry me and enable me to face each hurdle, only He gives the grace and strength to keep going and face the next one, but I need to draw aside and find Him.  In the midst of the demands, in the midst of the emotional roller coaster of life I need to take the time to center, focus, breathe, look to my Lord and recharge from Him.

To center on Him is to trust that He has your situations covered, you have to know that fundamentally, so that you can let go of all the stresses and strains, otherwise you keep a tight hold of everything because you don’t trust that the God who made and sustains the universe is capable of looking after you too.  To center is to hand over and see that the Lord is sovereign, that He is in control and that He has you in His care.

So this week I am going to frequently draw aside and center, focus on Jesus and be rested and strengthened by His presence.  And by knowing that He is God, I can leave matters with Him, thankful that He has it covered!


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