Slowed down by thoughts

I went out for a run this morning and didn’t take my music with me, I thought it would be fine I would have a nice time of contemplation.  But before I knew it I had slowed to a walk, so I started running again and again I realised I had slowed to a walk! How did that happen?  Was it because my thoughts were negative, grumbling ones whereas you need upbeat ones to keep running?

Instead of bouying me along my thoughts were actually slowing me down! I was focussing on negative things, my eyes down instead of ahead.  So easy isn’t it to get caught in a spiral of negative thinking, to start listening to the devil and the insidious doubts and thoughts he puts in your mind and before you know it he has twisted situations so that you are seeing them from a negative point of view and you start walking the path of self-pity?

How could I change the pace of my thinking? How could I change my thoughts to see me through to the end of the run?

Only praise and thanksgiving can lift my eyes off myself and on to God.  Only praise and thanksgiving up my pace and keep me going.  So today I am thankful for our beautiful sunny weather, I am thankful for the sweet yellow gorse in bloom , I am thankful for the delicate bluebells gracing the woodlands, I am thankful for the mountains which surround me.  I am thankful for my family and that God holds them in His hands.  I am thankful that God’s love reaches down to me, thankful for His grace to stop me in my tracks and gets me going again.

Today I choose to up my pace.   Today I choose to look ahead to Jesus.  Today I choose to be thankful.


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