On the scent of God’s truth

Our Young  dog loves to have a stick thrown for him to fetch and retrieve it.   It is quite fascinating to see how he can pick out his stick from among all the others lying around and how he traces and retraces his steps back till he gets the scent and can then sniff it out and find it!

Lots of spiritual lessons there for us!

I was particularly thinking about when my own mind gets confused, and a bit lost in the midst of the daily clamour how do I get back to God’s truth? How do I trace it back till I find it again and gain that equilibrium ? Where do I pick up that scent to follow it back to the truth of God’s Word?  How do I pick out God’s truth from the distractions of the world?

The truth that I am a child of God .

The truth that I am loved .

The truth that I am forgiven.

The truth that God has a plan for me.

The truth that God is sovereign over all things.

The truth that the Lord, He is God.

To pick up that scent I remind myself of these truths.   I look in my bible.   I still my heart.   I may need a little guidance now and then, I may need the direction pointed out to me, I may need commands to get me back on track, but the important thing is to pick up that scent, to trace it back even if that means retracing my steps over and over again, preserving, keeping on till I find God’s truth from all the other thoughts, distractions, attractions, philosophies, guidance and influences of the world.

You see it is important to hear God’s truth and not settle for anything less, not to pick up the first sounding good advice, but to press on till it is the truth you pick up.  Nothing less.  Catch the scent and don’t let it go!


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