Providence, purpose & plan

How was Paul able to rejoice so much when he was in prison? How come he was so outward looking and positive?

I heard a story recently of someone’s life which included a lot of sadness, and loss and  I was amazed at the person’s calm, peace and acceptance.

What is this secret?

What was Paul’s secret? What is my friend’s secret?

I think part of it at least, is knowing God has a plan and purpose.  Like Joseph in prison, he came to a place when he realised that there was a Higher Power at work, weaving out his circumstances till he came to the place where he was meant to be in order to save Israel.

Paul may have been in prison, but he could see that the guards and other prisoners were hearing the gospel and that the other believers were being strengthened in their faith. There was purpose, there was providence, it was part of the plan!

My friend may have had suffered many heartaches, but she could see God’s hand on her life and knew that He was working His purposes out, His providence , His care was with her in her circumstances

So for me then it is to see beyond the immediate circumstance and see God’s hand of providence, purpose and plan.  It is to hand over my everyday to God to His providence,  for Him to work out His purposes accordingly to His plan of love!

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